SlaterRegistration.Com is a light-weight, low-cost system for registering skaters for Learn to Skate Programs, Figure skating, Power Skating, or other skating-related programs.

It includes:

  • Early bird pricing
  • Prorating calculations
  • Charging for annual fees
  • Administrators can easily move skaters between sessions
  • Coordinators can organize CanSkate groups
  • Stripe payment processing
  • Accepts cheques and/or credit cards as payment on a session-by-session basis.
  • Allows guest skate purchases on sessions where guest skaters are permitted.
  • Allows skaters to request make-ups for missed sessions with approval by administrator
  • Coaches and administrators can view a list of skaters for any session (including guest skates and make-up skaters)
  • Easily generate Mailing lists of skaters
  • Generate session change reports and registration reports